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Does Barry’s cook the meat onsite?

Yes Barry’s have a Spit at all function and the meat, potatoes and pumpkin are all Spit Roasted on site guests will enjoy the wonderful sight and aroma of the meats and potatoes Spit Roasting to perfection.

What cuts of meat do you use?

Barry’s uses Quality Cuts of Locally Sourced Meat. Whole Legs Lamb on the Bone, Rolled Pork Legs encased in Crackling, Succulent Roast Beef and Leg Ham Caved off the Bone.

What time does Barry’s need to arrive?

Barry’s arrive 2 ½ hours before you would like the buffet served.

What happens to the leftovers?

The leftovers are packed up and left for you to enjoy later. Please note they will need to be refrigerated.

What do we need for Barry’s to cater at our venue?

  • An undercover area with adequate lighting large enough for our buffet table (approx. 5m x 3m) is required and in bad weather or extreme heat a shelter area for the spit to be cooked may also be needed
  • The use of power and water
  • We would appreciate being able to park as close as possible to the venue.

How many people do we need for Barry’s to cater?

Minimum of 50 adults required for all catered functions.

How do I pay?

No deposit is required, Payment can be made by Cash when Barry’s arrives at the function, Direct Deposit 3 banking days before the function or Cheque by Arrangement.